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V1) My chest is grinding cannot function close my eyes/ I take a breath and think of you/ I fantasize/ I can't stop thinking about it Chorus) I've gone across the pond with my baby/ Honey lavender girl/ I'm going going gone with my baby/ Honey lavender girl V2) I'm in a cloud you are my fix I'm getting high/ I'm floating gently far above the city lights/ Don't wake me up let's keep the dream alive Bridge) There's a time and a place for everything and our time is right now honey/ Here tonight is the place and time to sing together/ Let's dance together/ My honey lavender girl
Star Killer 03:34
V1) I've seen her/ I've seen her face unfortunately/ She'll take it/ She'll take the light inside of me/ Won't ask for it/ It's like paying karmic debt/ Can't ignore her/ She sleeps in my bed haunting all my dreams I cannot sleep at night Chorus) Star Killer/ Taking the light/ Taking what belongs to me/ Dream Killer/ Taking what's mine/ I shook it off I fought to save my life (Coming on strong) V2) I've been there/ I've been there so many times it's hard to believe/ I took it/ I took my beating like a champ but I'm done with the bleeding/ It began like a love affair when I was young/ Starry eyes but it bled my soul 'til I was gone/ Things sure got crazy/ Left the fight feeling hazy but I'm back stronger than before Bridge) Come on down everyone you're welcome to crash here/ We'll strip your soul down/ Come on down everyone you're welcome to be who you wish/ It Doesn't matter nothing here is real
Rome=You 03:12
V1) I think of Rome/ I dream of you/ Makes me want to stay in bed until I can wake up with you/ I dream of Rome/ I long for you/ forces me to contemplate the wasted years apart it's true Chorus) I'll meet you at that place from so long ago/ Rome=You and You=love V2) Passa il tempo e sono senza te/ So che non dovrei infrango tutti quanti sogni miei Bridge1) This is the path we had to walk/ To sacrifice a precious love/ And now we bear the scars of yesteryear Parole sparse tra di noi/ Come un tramonto te ne vai/ Nelle mie mani solo polvere Bridge 2) (I know you feel the same way/ I know you feel the same) Io sto de sola senza di te/ Il mondo gira intorno a me/ Non posso piu aspettare/ La luna prende il sole/ Domani un altro giorno finira Breakdown) Passa il tempo e penso anchora a te/ Passa il tempo e sono senza te
V1) Darling it's finally done/ The game is over/ Hopefully we're still friends/ Even if we never speak again- I wish you well/ I wish you well/ So let it go/ There really is no need for you to Chorus) Throw it in my face/ Let me know it's real/ Notify me you are leaving again/ Even if you stay it wouldn't be the same/ Clearly this time there's no different end V2) I realize/ There's no different end/ I wish you well so let it go/ there really is no need for you to Bridge) And I wish you well/ There's no room for a bitter end
Free Energy 04:48
Chorus) Jesus Christ where has the love gone?/ We'll all be buried before long/ Jesus Christ where has the caring gone?/ We'll all be burning as the day is long V1) Lord almighty give me knowledge to travel through time I'd like to be a pioneer in the name of science/ Talk to your kids/ They think you like it this way/ Dear God will you help them see what is clear?/ in the name of science V2) Treasonous- selling us out/ Poisonous- killing us off/ The universe offers everything we need/ Free energy to liberate us/ Elevate us Outro: Free energy technology


EQ is the debut EP by Ender Bender.

"Right away this music grabs you. The catchy synth patterning immediately makes you want to dance, summoning a feeling of 80s nostalgia and innocence – like cruising around with the music full-blast when your parents lent you their car. This is a fantasy sonic cocktail of Thompson Twins and Romeo Void mixed with Human League" – Big Takeover Magazine

"With a rapture level electro grab to the nostalgia strings, the energy let loose at this level of beats per minute gives the tingles to the synth-pop senses with a droning electro-hook with hints of retro-rock done" – Jammerzine

"This is feel-good vibing happy-go-lucky pop, not to mention a flashback to quite danceable mid-1980s British and French pop" – The Record Stache


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Ender Bender Rome, Italy

Ender Bender is the solo project of Eddie Olguin. Leaving LA for Rome- in the name of love, sanity and music- Eddie found the place with the perfect energy; free of scenes and pretenders. There, he built an audio lab where he set out to create highly addictive modern pop-rock. The end result is Ender Bender. ... more

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